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dread risks

by Dread Risks

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Jason Randall
Jason Randall thumbnail
Jason Randall there are easily 20 different industrial masterpieces in play here... in this one fucking song. it's almost hard to keep up. and that's a good thing. there's so much brilliant programming in this, and it's only the first track. fuzzy android sex that would make Android Lust, Wump, & killkult, come out of retirement. top fucking notch Favorite track: re/coil.
down77 thumbnail
down77 The live show is even better than the album. I've seen them 4 times and it's always solid.
Xenspell thumbnail
Xenspell I just saw these guys at Come and Take It Live. They put on a great show! The vocals kind of makes me think of Velvet Acid Christ except dread risks is heavier.
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re/coil 04:12
we never sleep we never forget we see everything anonymity won't keep you safe strength in numbers is an arrogant myth prey the weak, violate, discard we see what you really are we build momentum through fear we motivate by threat you cannot be trusted to your own devices the fear keeps you in check lie to yourself / we see what you are they will not be missed you will not be missed anonymity wont keep you safe you are a target bright as f*cking day violate, repeat, and wait your turn bastards always get what they deserve greed-driven slave to indulgence cruelty is your calling card you will tear your own eyes out when we show you what you really are you will not be missed
dont.wake 03:38
get out while you still can nowhere left that's safe there is only one escape fail to disengage and watch as we disintegrate don't look back there's no one left when tomorrow fails to come stay behind closed eyes no one else will make it out alive nowhere left that is safe the systems in full collapse there's no salvation here you're all just waiting to disappear get the fuck out while you still can don't wake, tonight we dream the stars alight the countless graves beneath to stem the flood then recognize how long ago all hope died the only way back is to end you've spent your whole existence waiting to disappear recognize how long ago all hope died
voidhost 04:19
instinct cauterized no new graves tonight the harsh light searing admit you were never real a split-second of doubt to cannibalize your fragile will cognitive distortion the phantom frequency find a path out of this host before I leave it comatose something lurking in the dark beneath you it won't let go take the skin that haunts you and submit release control drawn into the clawing depths the copper tinge of gnashing teeth the noise of indulgence decays only fragments of the storm remain listen for the source, the phantom frequency find a path out of this host before I become comatose the harsh light searing afraid you were never real carve a dark space to collect your secrets bury me within your cortex if this blood is what you need the only reason you're alive is the reason I can never leave
errorcode 03:55
let them bleed out cycle and die timecode in doubt aberrations defined exploiting these loopholes seeding their demise divisive variant source corruption fracturing assumed form infiltration well designed anomalous feed it only takes one key
hivemaster 04:30
conquered identity compulsion become routine a degraded construct a wasted design subversion of kind locked away underneath for years emptiness expanding calling us here we've been locked away for centuries, awaiting transmission crippling desires and convulsive reactions devour yourselves as you cling to delusions that your lives have meaning, amassing as insects you've bred out your relevance - we are the consequence the blistered hive confines this writhing swarm feasting upon yourselves, sustained by your own waste the answer is coming - recognition is closing near the answer is coming - we are aware what is alive in decline what makes it human a decaying virtue following your defeatist mantras you exist to consume - to be conquered we've been dormant underneath for years emptiness expanding is calling us here
i never meant for all this forgive me god this is another way of thinking
the beauty of this day clearly lost on me its passing into dusk like every faded memory sleepless as always in distress no closer to death of this loss only silence mourns I cannot speak the words there are no words this heart become a grave no one will pass this way again awake for days, gathering dust and decay eyes fixated on a worn-out portrait this day is dead, yet I'm still dreaming here I wait for death, but still bleeding here
mainplague 03:09
blood on clasped hands pray for just rewards enslaved by doctrine inherited imprisonment reach towards vacant sky no closer to divine death the only cure of the main plague indemnity for none unceremonious end scourge of centuries in whose name do we die mired in delusions piety will cleanse guilt in absence sanctity of pretense denounce with fervor lift your hands to find nothing calling you on high burn it down lay to waste the bastion of man's deception
redlines 03:11
what is lost will never be replaced a hungry wound that feeds into a lightless space now I know why you barely speak you never smile just give it a name, a name condemns, a name destroys you took what was not yours and now I'll take what is mine I live for this, live for an end carve out your life you should have seen this coming... hold this knife unwilling host carving redlines and birthing ghosts now its circling back around on you hold this knife unwilling host carved redlines to bury ghosts the torment that you've bestowed I return to you with cut after cut a price paid in blood carving redlines


released December 7, 2018

Art courtesy of www.instagram.com/dyspyx/


all rights reserved



Dread Risks Austin, Texas

Aggressive Industrial Music.

Re:Mission Entertainment

Dread Risks is the boil-over point where anxiety and sinking thought patterns plateau and reside in relentless but silent panic.

Dream-state consequences far exceed the true determinations.

The soundtrack is an accompany piece to emotional submission, implosion, and unrealized vengeance.
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