Think Wax Trax. Think of the most awesome days of industrial music. When you hear Dread Risks, you'll get the old-school, juicy, pounding, basslines and thick percussion sounds that are guaranteed to bring back the fondest of memories of one of electronic music's greatest era.”


- electronicatx.com


Dread Risks are more Youth Code / Author & Punisher than Nine Inch Nails, bringing a distinctly modern approach to the industrial metal canon rather than trafficking in nostalgia.”


- MetalSucks Unsigned and Unholy


Industrial project Dread Risks have released a music video for their song 're/coil'. Taken off of their self-titled album, the music video is just as experimental as the band's sound.”


- Brutal Resonance


“I know next to nothing about this industrial duo other than they are from Austin, TX, and on the evidence of this track, they have more than a passing knowledge of classic industrial stylings.


[re/coil] is nasty. It’s malevolent and snarling, with treated, pitch-shifted vocals from the depths of hell and a dense, pounding mix that allows the synth hooks to drag the drums along with them. In short, it’s exactly the kind of industrial music I love…”


- amodelofcontrol


“I have a soft spot in my heart for that end of the industrial music spectrum.  These tastes have led me to cover a number of excellent newer acts carrying the torch such as 3Teeth and Dead When I Found Her; but most recently I heard from a Texas duo by the name of dread risks. Listing influences that include Ministry, NIN, :Wumpscut:, and Youth Code, the new self titled album is taking me back to gloomy high school days listening to VIVIsectVI, Too Dark Park, and Rabies.”


- Metal Trenches