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automated disappointment

by Dread Risks

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Bound Limbs 03:41
Tied down, confess, this is your will Cutting into veins, restraints threaded with guilt Faint hesitation pulling the plastic tight Choking the reflection until nothing left is recognized What are you waiting for You took me unaware Hands are growing numb Yet, you're the one who's scared So perilous to finally wake What lies beyond that door Reveal your shame Don't look away i thought you this kept you safe Watching the helpless and desire slowly suffocate Discomforting guilt but it will soon fade You always want blood but not the stain Faint hesitation pulling plastic tight Forsake control to see you are still afraid of me Bound limbs
Comadose 03:58
her halo slipped across my eyes now there is no one left to cry for wait for these convulsions to subside And now you’ll never be alone take a little what's a little when there's not much left bleed a little what's a little when you're close to death keep me under, keep me close don't let me wake and I will never go You keep me close to death A deeper cut made from regret You found a pulse but now its slowing again I know you’re near when all my cells destroy themselves to pull away You weep but still you keep me just below the surface You just keep fucking with the same wound Pulling at the stitches that contain you Crying for the one who wouldn’t save you Keep me close to death A deeper cut made of regret Take a little what's a little when there’s nothing left You keep me close to death because you need it more than anything
She waits in the dark but the answers never come When to give up fall apart to make all the voices stop I'm in the walls in the walls as panic overwhelms I'm in the walls in the air - now I'm everywhere at once Submerged anomaly Identify as machine He stares at the light in dissection of belief Every signal, analyzed causing exponential grief I'm in the walls in the walls, as despair overcomes In the silence in the dark - now I am everywhere at once Awake in agony; invoke the next mutation Hurt is only a conduit to comprehension I seethe in the dark, resonating through the void Isolate the source and revise Strip the systemic empath response - nullified, begin the rites Hurt is a conduit When they've taken everything Except what you need to Burn through your enemies Uncover your eyes, I’m in the walls She cries in the dark, transparent and alone Nothing to deny, when the reasons never come I'm in the walls resonating through the void I watch over you sleeping Dream of funerals to come
You walk away into the night without a glance behind I feel your touch on a stolen breath You are the animal You're out there all alone You went too far and left a broken angel in the shade A promise kept but never made They found trace amounts Secrets under skin All our victims loved us until the violent end A kiss above the eyes before I take the sacrifice We share the same blood They can never know what you are Too close to perfect to hide Wash the blood from your skin I will keep your secrets alive Now all of your secrets are mine You left alone adorned in shadow under neon sky What are you hunting tonight Your scent is all I need Your pulse is calling me
Trauma Ties 04:05
The last light The last light dies The closing fear An endless tide Forget what you have come for Now is only to survive All dire imaginings Surface at the edge of sight Blind the true intent Stalking underneath Drawing ragged breath - beg for release Forsake what you would covet Now misshapen, dispossessed Who will wake and who will perish or Vanish in dementia’s grasp Hide the true intent Claw your way beneath Isolate your prey - and then you show your teeth We are all but lost - what have you done We are lost - goddamn us what have we become The blood becomes purpose The terror contagious If we are the monsters How names that which hunts us There is nothing left of me In this form descending Languish narrowly between The dead and dreaming Forgotten in decay Now silence, staring blind Forget what you had hoped for Broken, torn, or lost below Trauma ties us to this place Cursed to haunt the souls that follow The last light dies
Senses deprived in the paralyzing gaze of unmeasured time A fatal sequence undefined, become an abyss of unknowing You are the one That spoke in tongues And split the sky Defied the sun The warm illusion torn aside thrust into cold, blinding white Fixation upon this ceaseless noise still radiating with your voice The further you reach The deeper confined Transmission in decay There is nothing in the static Fateless as the dying sun, bearing life while void of one Now I exist in the emptiness, empty as the afterlife A displaced memory to mark the end of passing time Fathoms deep and incomplete, unreplicated form compelling me: Cast my senses wide into the ceaseless noise Were you the one Who spoke in tongues And split the sky Predicted what would come The further you reach The deeper confined Transmission in decay You are lost within in the static
You sleep in the shroud, I’m stalking the void within Everything fades beneath the pale and bruised skin You sleep in the shroud that I was buried in Tormenting dream of escape fades before scraping rust It comes near in the dark, you are nothing now Hide now, await the callous hands that hold you down Writhe under the ravenous mouth, as breath is fading out Drift in and out of consciousness, retreat from the dim light Cradling your silhouette, I am on the other side Straining to perceive stirring above Glassy eyes follow the fading light Scratch against the walls of these soiled sheets This is where forgotten things go to disappear Unclench your teeth and relinquish hope The clear sky is a fading dream You sleep in the shroud that i was buried in To be found is a fading dream Where forgotten things go to disappear You sleep in the shroud that I was buried in Again and again the air scrapes across bruised lips
reflect the obvious outcome, a calculated self deceit heed no warning you are overcome could not resist now cannot avoid this excessively direct cause, dispensation of ruin - prone to obliteration the stifling need becomes severe distress - abundant with disappointment just leave and find your place among the meaningless, it was obvious obsessed with crumbling faces - destruction is all too quick every slight and misstep magnified by distance, unintended effect Heed no warning you are overcome Realization is a tomb you have built and now bury yourself within implicit complications a trap laid at your feet for all to see No forgiveness in idle detonation the rush of an ill-executed routine predispositioned to end in a tangle of limbs This was doomed before it even began it serves a need to embrace defeat Insomnia gnawing when you concede obliteration is always in sight taking my time to unveil how we die
When did you become impervious to reason These lines evaporate and decay concedes to permanence Always knew what lay in wait, believe whatever keeps you warm Still refuse to evacuate, cradling the charred remains Buried underneath like god Burning with conviction Buried underneath like god Selling absolution Mutation, just another broken machine to discard Impoverished soul enamored with control How have you become impervious to reason Buried underneath like god, oblivious to extinction Evaporate, these fading lines, willing to separate and leave you to die Disappearing into decay, unable to recognize the intended design When did you become impervious to reason Revoke the name possessed in conflict You were never meant to survive Revoke the name possessed, ungiven Cling to the wreckage as it were still a monument






released March 25, 2022

All Music by Dread Risks 2022
Released and Distributed by Re:Mission Entertainment 2022
Mixed and Mastered by Ritchard F. Napierkowski
Layout: Samantha Franco

Dread Risks would like to thank: Wes Turner (Re:Mission Entertainment), William Zimmerman, Ritch Napierkowski, Erik Gustafson, Ian Flux and Fact Pattern, Samantha Franco, Gaby Marie Gustafson, Ken Magerman, Curse Mackey, Rona Rougeheart, John and Roi (Elysium), X Madam Glitch X, Christopher Richards, Keith Kamholz, Brittney Cassel, Marshall Faulkner, Luxury Friends, Cas Hughes, supportive friends, family, loved ones, and of course, you, the fans.


all rights reserved



Dread Risks Austin, Texas

Aggressive Industrial Music.

Re:Mission Entertainment

Dread Risks is the boil-over point where anxiety and sinking thought patterns plateau and reside in relentless but silent panic.

Dream-state consequences far exceed the true determinations.

The soundtrack is an accompany piece to emotional submission, implosion, and unrealized vengeance.
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